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New wiki name is a collaborative website about your topic that anyone can edit! This wikia is for those who want to inform others about medias. We review movies,games, books,CD's,etc.!!!!! You can write your review on anything you think could be reviewed.

Update- Our Reviews 1.1 : by -Deviator247;"As of September 12th, 2010 I will be creating my own section of Our Reviews

where I will be posting Stories written personally by me.I have no true interest in real writing for books or movies, but I do

have an interest in writing for games that, hopefully I will be able to create in the future.So when you have the feeling for a

hopefully good story check on the Deviator247's Story Dept. category in the categories at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for reading -Deviator247"


You can review almost anything here. DvD's, CD's, Games, Books, etc. It doesn't matter! If it exists, you can review it.

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Deviator247's Story Dept. has been added below -"Stop on in -Deviator247"

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